Nov 2021-Video: #5 - A 30 Minute video on "Basic Supplements"

Book Reference: "The Alkaline Cure" by Dr. Stephen Domenig

Alkalarian Lifestyle: MySuppHealth

* Joline Wondergym

Alkalarian Lifestyle: MyFoodHealth

* Zowie Mansfield

Dec 2021-Video: #6 - A 30 Minute Video on "Mind Energy"

Book Reference: "The Mind" by Tracie Hill

Oct 2021-Video: #4 - A 30 Minute Video on "What Alkaline Food to Eat"

Book Reference: "Acid Alkaline Food Guide" by Dr Susan Brown

Alkalarian Lifestyle: MyAirHealth

* Dan Wade 

Sep 2021-Video: #3 - A 30 Minute video on "What Water to Drink"

Book Reference: "Water Crtystals" by Dr. Herrishmoto 

My Ion Health

Jul 2021-Video: #1 - An 30 Minute Video of an "Alkalarian Lifestyle"

Book Reference: "Get Off Your Acid" by Dr. Dayrl Gioffre

Alkalarian Lifestyle Program Over View

* Richard Davidson

Alkalarian Lifestyle: MyMindHealth

* Tracie Hill

Alkalarian Lifestyle: MyWaterHealth

* Richard Davidson 

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Aug 2021=-Video: #2 - An 30 Minute Video on "How to Breathe:"

Book Reference: "Breath" by James Nestor