My Ion Health

"Alkalarian Lifestyle" Monthly Zoom MeetUp

Host: Richard Davidson,

CMHA... Speaker & Author

1st Saturday of each month at 11:00am

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​Virtual Zoom MeetUps are held on the first Saturday of each month at 11:00am MST. We will have a 6 month rotation of *classes starting: 

Jul 2nd   #1 MyIonHealth - Richard Davidson

Aug 6th  #2 MyAirHealth - Dan Wade

Sep 6th   #3 MyWaterHealth - Richard Davidson

Oct 3rd   #4 MyFoodHealth - Zowie Mansfield

Nov 1st  #5 MySuppHealth - Joline Wondergym

Dec 6th  #6 MyMindHealth - Tracie Hill

2022 - Jan #1, Feb #2, Mar #3, Apr #4, May #5, Jun #6

Learn the basic's of why you need to "GO" Alkaline... and become an Alkalarian and learn how to prevent Heart Attacks and other diseases.

We primararily use three reference books:  "The Acid / Alkaline Food Guide" by Dr Susan Brown, "The Alkaline Cure" by Dr Stephen Domenig and "Get Off Your Acid" by Dr Daryl Gioffre. (Buy these Books ASAP)   

NOTE: During the Virtual ZOOM MeetUp in July and January we will present an "Alkalarian Lifestyle Overview" with information on the pH Balance of "Acidosis vs Alkalinity" and the total wellness effects on the cellular Brain Health, Heart Health & Body Health.

Call Richard 801-561-9420 or Email:

if you need any information or would like a private Zoom call